Rio Reiser – König von Deutschland

Arguably, one of the greatest German songs. It’s so famous it basically has become folklore. It’s a satirical view on German politics and culture of the 80s. Short, witty, and on point. It has been covered countless times. Even Metallica play it when touring in Germany.

I lay on my bed and picture how it would be if I weren’t who I am but chancellor, emporer, king or queen… All that and much more I would do if I were the king of Germany.


Systemabsturz – Verdächtig

Systemabsturz (System Crash) from Germany is probably the first privacy and data protection activist electro punk band. Their song Verdächtig (Suspicious) is about how everyone is under surveilance by social media, the tech companies, and the state and every little thing you do or not do or how you behave or not behave could be verdächtig.

The song has been released under a Creative Commons licence. You can download it for free here or on bandcamp.

Montreal – Idioten der Saison

This punk band from Hamburg, Germany is around since 2003. Idioten der Saison is a funny song from a couple years back. The title – meaning “idiots of the season” – could refer to the stupid people you have to deal with on a daily basis, but is specifically a response to the surge of right-wing populists in recent years. The lyrics are very cleverly constructed using plants and gardening metaphors. And it rhymes just beautifully.