Rio Reiser – König von Deutschland

Arguably, one of the greatest German songs. It’s so famous it basically has become folklore. It’s a satirical view on German politics and culture of the 80s. Short, witty, and on point. It has been covered countless times. Even Metallica play it when touring in Germany.

I lay on my bed and picture how it would be if I weren’t who I am but chancellor, emporer, king or queen… All that and much more I would do if I were the king of Germany.


Systemabsturz – Verdächtig

Systemabsturz (System Crash) from Germany is probably the first privacy and data protection activist electro punk band. Their song Verdächtig (Suspicious) is about how everyone is under surveilance by social media, the tech companies, and the state and every little thing you do or not do or how you behave or not behave could be verdächtig.

The song has been released under a Creative Commons licence. You can download it for free here or on bandcamp.

The Night Flight Orchestra

The Night Flight Orchestra is another Swedish rock band that sounds like straight from the 80s. I guess you can call it an all-star band as it features some well known musicians, foremost Björn Strid (Soilwork) and Sharlee D’Angelo (Arch Enemy, Spiritual Beggars). The music has an authentic vibe and some great hooks and vocal lines. Here are three videos for songs from their latest album Aeromantic.

MC Tha – Rito de Passá

Samba-esque funky pop from Brazil. I don’t pretend to know what’s going on here, but I like what I see and hear. Apparently, some of the scenes depict an authentic Umbanda ritual. I enjoyed it so much that I listened to the whole album (Youtube, Spotify).

I quote a translated snippet from Rolling Stone Brazil:

“Rito de Passá”, by the voice of MC Tha, is a powerful act of celebrating the constant movement, the constant transformation. It seeks the understanding of the now, too, be it painful or euphoric. Nothing is static, everything changes.


Lauren Desberg – Out for Delivery

Out for Delivery is a wonderful album blending traditional jazz with contempory pop and even a little soul. Lauren Desberg’s classy smooth voice is backed by an exceptional band. Don’t just watch the video, listen to the full album. It’s surprisingly diverse. And like all of Lauren’s albums it’s available for free as a name-your-price download.