Twin Temple – Sex Magick

After the numerous retro rock occult bands getting inspiration from the 70s and 80s, it’s very refreshing to hear a band mimicking the good old 50s and 60s. This is, as the band puts it, satanic doo-wop. Great stuff. I’m also surprised how much nudity you can have on youtube.

Rio Reiser – König von Deutschland

Arguably, one of the greatest German songs. It’s so famous it basically has become folklore. It’s a satirical view on German politics and culture of the 80s. Short, witty, and on point. It has been covered countless times. Even Metallica play it when touring in Germany.

I lay on my bed and picture how it would be if I weren’t who I am but chancellor, emporer, king or queen… All that and much more I would do if I were the king of Germany.



Jambinai is one of the best bands combining traditional instruments with modern rock. This 9-minute song is a journey from the sublime to the epic. It’s really surprising how the song evolves throughout its playing time, how mood and atmosphere shift. You may also want to listen to the full album. It’s a masterpiece of avant-rock music.