Bohren & Der Club of Gore – Tief gesunken

Not long now until Bohren’s new album is released. Here is a new official video for the song Tief gesunken which translates to “deeply sunken”, but can also refer to the state when someone has hit rock bottom.

Farafi – Djanya Wofu

This creative two-piece sings in various African languages and in their own fantasy language. The music is worldly in the best sense. It’s clearly rooted in African music, but also includes influences from India, Eastern Europe, and Western jazz. Check out the full album: Calico Soul.

Bohren & der Club of Gore – Sollen es doch Alle wissen

Mark your calendars: On January 10th, 2019 a new Bohren album will see the light of day or yet better: will see the dark of night. Bohren is one of those bands best listened to after dark. It’s also one of those bands that had a big impact on me. The blog name Midnight Ritual Radio is no coinicidence (hint: Midnight Radio).

Lauren Desberg – Out for Delivery

Out for Delivery is a wonderful album blending traditional jazz with contempory pop and even a little soul. Lauren Desberg’s classy smooth voice is backed by an exceptional band. Don’t just watch the video, listen to the full album. It’s surprisingly diverse. And like all of Lauren’s albums it’s available for free as a name-your-price download.

Reggie Andrews and The Fellowship – Mystic Beauty

Mad About Records from Portugal is reissuing old very rare albums on limited vinyl. The LPs usually sell out fast, but the label also offers digital downloads of all the albums. Here is one of their newest releases, an interesting album of afro-cuban influenced spiritual jazz with some bits of exotica from the 60s.