Alexander Marcus – Ich will verreisen

German artist Alexander Marcus coined the term Electrolore for his music combining electro club music and folklore. His music is basically a pop-art parody of German Schlager music. It’s absurd and intentionally trashy, but sometimes also very clever. This is his new video Ich will verreisen (I want to take a journey) where he sings about being tired of the daily routines and the need to get out of the everyday struggle.

Knorkator – Rette sich wer kann

I was never a big fan of comical metal bands, but lately I’m getting more and more into Knorkator. A band from Berlin, Germany which has been around since the 1990s. Here is their new video Rette sich wer kann (meaning Every man for himself). A social commentary you could say. The world is going to shit, but well, just keep on partying.

The video features cameos by some more or less famous people: former professional boxer Axel Schulz, Subway to Sally singer Eric Fish, and actress Ina Paule Klink.

Montreal – Idioten der Saison

This punk band from Hamburg, Germany is around since 2003. Idioten der Saison is a funny song from a couple years back. The title – meaning “idiots of the season” – could refer to the stupid people you have to deal with on a daily basis, but is specifically a response to the surge of right-wing populists in recent years. The lyrics are very cleverly constructed using plants and gardening metaphors. And it rhymes just beautifully.