João Hasselberg – The Great Square Of Pegasus

Wonderful ambient music. João Hasselberg’s first album back in 2013 featured highly sophisticated jazz music with a classic jazz lineup including piano, saxophone and trumpet. Over the years his music became more and more electronical and minimalist.

Fogh Depot feat. Anastasia Minster – We Are The Prison

I mentioned the experimental trio Fogh Depot before on this blog. They have released a new song which features singer and piano player Anastasia Minster. This is a slight diversion from their previous work, but great nonetheless. It’s half dream-pop and half glitchy electronica. I’m looking forward to their next album.

The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble – Palace of the Tiger Women

No midnight ritual is complete without The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble. This is their remix of Kava Kon’s song Palace of the Tiger Women set to scenes from the Ray Harryhausen movie Jason and the Argonauts.

Pram – Across the Meridian

After 11 years, Pram from Birmingham have released a new album. If you don’t know them, I just quote the Bandcamp blurb which sums up pretty good what Pram is all about:

As with their previous albums, Across the Meridian mixes instrumentals and songs, weaving a gleeful path through the musical territory of film scores, 30s jazz, sun-drenched pop, electronica, and post-punk experimentation. Haunting and wistful vocals are set to a variety of soundscapes, sometimes appearing as a snatched fragment of the subconscious and dreamlike, at others crafting a story of longing or
regret, drawing the listener into Pram’s uncanny world through the mirror.

Newcomers to Pram will find a richly detailed collage of influences ranging from exotica, Krautrock and the forgotten film soundtracks that went on to inspire contemporaries Stereolab & Broadcast.